verðbréfafyrirtæki – eignastýring og ráðgjöf

About Arev

Arev was established in 1996 and its shareholders are Eignarhaldsfélagið Arev hf. (99.94%) and Jón Scheving Thorsteinsson (0.06%). In 2006, Arev verðbréfafyrirtæki hf. was awarded a licence to operate by the Financial Supervisory Authority, pursuant to Act No. 161/2002 on Financial Undertakings. The Financial Supervisory Authority’s licence covers the transactions and financial instrument related services entailed in the receipt and communication of instructions from clients and portfolio management, in addition to advisory services to companies on capital structures, strategy and related matters, and advice and services related to company mergers and acquisitions. Arev now has 5 full-time employees with wide-ranging experience in industry and finance. The company has many years’ experience in the monitoring of portfolio management and has established procedures based on professional monitoring and the effective processing of information, which enhance the trust and confidence of all stakeholders. The company’s main strength lies in the integration of solid experience of the consumer product market and sound financial knowledge.