Information and rules

Information and rules

Arev verðbréfafyrirtæki hf. has established rules and procedures to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations that apply to the company's operations. Below is a reference to the rules that apply in the operations of Arev verðbréfafyrirtæki hf. Before starting a business, it is necessary for customers to familiarize themselves with the company's rules and terms. Arev verðbréfafyrirtæki hf. must obtain various information from customers and send the employees of Arev verðbréfafyrirtæki hf. all the necessary documents that need to be filled in as soon as the decision to start a business is made. Below you can find the main rules of Arev verðbréfafyrirtæki hf.

Statement of governance

Governance of Arev Securities Company.

Arev Privacy Policy

Arev's privacy policy.

Best practice

Arev Securities Company has established rules on the best execution of trading orders. The rules are intended to ensure that Arev's customers receive the best possible results in the execution of business orders.

Anti-money laundering measures

Arev verðbréfafyrirtæki hf. as in the case of other financial undertakings, has a legal obligation to do its utmost to prevent the company's operations and activities from being used to launder money or to finance terrorist activities. Arev Securities Company has established rules on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, rules on the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as rules on customer due diligence (KYC). In these rules, Arev securities firms seek to meet in all respects the strictest requirements imposed on domestic and international financial institutions in this field. Part of the obligation of Arev Securities Company to know the identity of its clients and their activities, and the company is obliged to conduct due diligence on its clients, which is fulfilled by, among other things, obtaining information from clients.

Customer classification

According to the Act on Securities Transactions, no. 108/2007, financial undertakings shall classify clients into retail investors, institutional investors or recognized counterparties. The classification is based, among other things, on the experience and knowledge of customers.

Customer information

Arev's privacy policy.

Complaints and rulings and legal remedies for customers

In the event that a client wishes to file a complaint regarding the services of Arev verðbréfafyrirtæki hf. can be carried out in various ways, such as e-mail ( compliance at ) by letter, telephone or meeting.

A client may refer a dispute that has arisen to the Appellate Committee on Transactions with Financial Undertakings:

Appellate Committee on Transactions with Financial Undertakings
Kalkofnsvegur 1, 101 Reykjavík. Phone: 569 9600


A special form must be filled out, which can be obtained from the office of the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Then clients can go to court with a dispute.

Financial instruments and risk

Here you can read an overview of the main risks associated with trading in financial instruments. This is not an exhaustive enumeration and more can affect the value of a financial instrument. It is important for clients to assess the risk of a financial instrument before making a decision on a transaction.

Qualification of key employees

Arev Securities Company has established rules on the qualifications of key employees with reference to the provisions of the Act on Financial Undertakings no. 161/2002 and with regard to the Financial Supervisory Authority's advisory recommendation rnr. 3/2010. Arev's securities companies also have rules on information about clients. Arev's customers can access them at any time through the company's compliance officer as well as the rules of division of business (Great Wall of China).

Conflicts of interest

Arev Securities Company has established a policy of action against conflicts of interest, which is intended to prevent conflicts of interest harming the interests of the company's clients. Arev's customers need to agree on a policy of action against conflicts of interest.

Own business

Arev Securities Company has established rules on employees' own trading that are intended to minimize potential conflicts of interest between the Company and its clients or the Company's clients and its clients or the Company's clients.

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