Arev publishes a price app

Arev has analyzed price surveys for companies, institutions and associations for years. Analysis tools have been developed that are well suited for this type of analysis. Above, for example, you can see the results of ASÍ's recent survey of over-the-counter medicines and other products in pharmacies.

The app has four analysis modules:

1) Comparison of individual stores and analysis of the biggest differences between them
2) Development shows how prices in individual stores have developed in recent years
3) The increase in the product basket of individual stores in the context of several key parameters of the economy such as the index and the exchange rate in recent years
4) Cash chart used to analyze the actual price levels in stores and where they rank compared to other stores

The app contains information about food, medicine, books. In December, various Christmas products will be added. Databases are updated within four hours of the polls being published.

More information about the app can be obtained by sending a mail to the email address

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