Tariff list of Arev

Arev verðbréfafyrirtæki hf. has established rules and procedures to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations that apply to the company's operations. Below you can find the Tariff of Arev verðbréfafyretag hf. Before starting a business, it is necessary for customers to familiarize themselves with the company's rules and terms.

Business consulting

Valid from February 1, 2024
Obtaining real estate loans2,0 %
Acquisition of corporate loans2,0 %
Acquisition of share capital7,0 %
Buying or selling a smaller business6.0 % + performance
Buying or selling larger companies4.0 % + performance
Sold out hourly work per hour.ISK 39,900 NOK
Sold out hourly work, expert IISK 33,900 NOK
Sold out hourly work, expert IIISK 26,300 NOK
Sold out hourly work, assistantISK 19,900,-

VAT 24% is subject to charges
value added tax agreements

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