Arev catch target calculator opened for subscribers

The system calculates the allocated catch limit. Shows the percentage of selected shipping companies of the total catch target at any given time and depending on the selection, the effect of the purchase/merger of possible partners. You can choose basic assumptions based either on the current legal environment or assumptions in the draft bill on the fisheries sector,

An example of a calculation that shows the market share of the largest fisheries based on the catch limit after the distribution of the catch limit in mackerel on June 4 last.

The system calculates the allocated catch limit in the hook fishing system and shows the percentage of catch quotas of the ten largest fishing companies in "ÍG" and for stocks of cod and haddock. You can see changes before and after the purchase or merger of different companies.

The system also contains the ownership of Icelandic fishing companies and their relationships with other companies in the industry.

The figure shows the ownership status between fishing companies based on the latest official Icelandic information. Examples of acquisitions or mergers can be entered into the system and market share and other factors can be calculated after such examples have been entered.

The system calculates the main concentration coefficients such as HHI (Herfindal-Hirschman coefficient), CR3 and CR8 (concentration index). These calculations are either for the current legal environment or the draft bill on changes to the law. The coefficients are calculated for the total market, affinity categories and individual types.

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