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Price survey of food products


Veritabus checked prices last week online at Krónunni, Nettó, Hagkaupus and Heimkaupus. Changes in the food basket between August and October is 0.8% and the uncertainty is 1.5%. Therefore, these are insignificant increases. The shopping basket has decreased significantly at Nettó or by 3.3% since August.

Average increase in the price of individual stores

The change from the basket survey conducted by Veritabus in early June is as follows:

The table shows that the weighted increase in food products during the period is about 0.8%. The uncertainty is 1.5%.

Indices of individual stores

The relative index of stores has changed as follows:

The order of stores is unchanged, but the gap between the Krona and Nettó is narrowing. At the same time, the gap between Hagkaup, Heimkaup and other stores is growing.

In the picture below you can see a comparison of stores on a chart. The dots show the distribution of more expensive and less expensive products (outside the 50% ratio range):

As you can see, the order of stores is unchanged between months. Despite that, the gap between stores has decreased considerably.

Distribution of increases between product categories

In the table below you can see the changes:

About Veritabus and the price survey

Veritabus is a sister company of Arev Securities Company. All Veritabus price surveys as well as other public price surveys can be found on the Veritabus website for subscribers.

96 product items were examined in the price survey, which were available in all the stores. The survey was conducted last week online. If products were not available online, the price was checked at the stores.

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