Price survey for medicines in February

Over the counter drugs seem to have dropped in recent months.
Veritabus conducted a price survey last week at the three participating pharmacies/chains
online stores.
The development of the price index in these pharmacies is shown below, but is based on older price surveys
which have appeared publicly:

To measure price changes, Veritabus surveyed the prices of a product basket consisting of 68 over-the-counter drugs
which existed everywhere. The average price of the basket was around 150 thousand ISK. The following changes
had taken place since the ASÍ survey on November 2, 2021:

79 product items were surveyed. All store chains had more than 75 teams. If an item didn't exist, it got it
the median price of others. There were a total of 68 product items in the basket survey. All prices for these items were added together
and compared to ASÍ's survey from November 2, 2021. The uncertainty is a fairly high percentage of changes. The survey
took place online last week.

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