The state pays for Geysir

The state pays 1.2 billion for each hot spring

The Geysir area is often bustling with human life.Árni Sæberg

The state must pay its former co-owners of the hot spring area Geysi in Haukadal
ISK 1.2 billion, with interest and price premiums, according to an overestimation of the value
of the property.

Is it similar to what came out of the original assessment, but the state referred it to overestimation. The assessment is binding
for both parties, as stated in Morgunblaðin today.

When the state bought the share of the individuals who owned two-thirds of the Geysir area, it was decided to
hire appraisers to determine the purchase price. The result of the overestimation has now been obtained and is then
ending decades of disputes over the ownership of this natural gem.

News from, May 23, 2019. Stefan O. Jonsson

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