Tourist forecast

The monthly annual average number of tourists is now about 1.8 m people. The forecast assumes that the average will reach 1.5 million people before the number of tourists starts to increase again. The right axis of the chart to the right shows that until mid-2017, the monthly annual average continued to increase proportionally. Since 2017, this has

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The state pays for Geysir

The state pays 1.2 billion for hot springs The Geysir area is often bustling with human life. mbl.is/Árni Sæberg The government must pay its former co-owners of the Geysi hot spring area in Haukadal around ISK 1.2 billion, with interest and value added, according to an overestimation of the property's value. Is it similar to what came out of the original assessment, but the state referred it to overestimation.

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