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Price survey of food products


Grocery prices have increased by 1.4% since October 2022. Veritabus surveyed prices at four grocery stores that maintain an online website. These stores were Krónan, Nettó, Hagkaup and Heimkaup. The price of 108 products was investigated, as well as a basket survey with 66 different products. How expensive the stores were compared to each other was then examined again in September 2021.

Price changes, October

It is worth reminding that the price of Samkaupi had decreased by 3.3% in the last survey.

The price of a basket of 66 different products was also examined.

The picture shows the price of the basket

Veritabus then investigated how expensive the stores were compared to each other (1 is the average, the further a store is below the axis the cheaper it is to shop compared to
average of all stores and vice versa for the stores above the axis)

Store prices compared to each other
Box graph (Box – whiskers) for December
Box graph for October
Chart of relative results for stores going back to September 2021

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