Food price survey in May

Veritabus price survey in May 2022

I. Summary

The price of a food basket for a family of four increases by 3.1 percent between months. Elevation
The basket from October 2021 is 8.6 percent which is more than 2.6 percent more than the change
consumer price index for the same period. The uncertainty of the measurement is 1.5 percent.

II. Basket survey

Veritabus examined the price of a shopping cart consisting of 35 product items from all product categories. Price
of the basket was in the range of 22 - 27 thousand ISK. The following changes have been made to the cart since
ASÍ survey March 29, 2022:

The weighted average increase in the basket is 3.1 percent and the uncertainty is 1.5%. It is interesting to note that the increase is significant
a dairy product that is twice as high as other increases as can be seen in the table that seems to be related
considerable price increases from Mjólkursamsälan. Below are examples of price list increases
Mjólkursamsälan published on its website:

The chart below shows the development of price increases over the past 13 months:

Food has therefore risen considerably above other items in the index over the past seven months. She
however, rose slightly from the end of March until September 2021 (around 1%).

The increase is 3.1 percent from the end of March according to Veritabus measurements.

III. Indices of individual stores

Indices for product prices in individual stores were calculated. The figure shows the medians and
the averages in the May survey.

IV. About Veritabus and the price survey

Veritabus is a sister company of Arev Securities Company. All Veritabus price surveys as well as other official ones
The price surveys can be found on the Veritabus website for subscribers.
135 product items were examined. All retail chains had more than 110 teams. If a product item did not exist, he received
the median price of other stores. The basket survey included a total of 47 product items and 37 individual products. There was uncertainty
less than in previous surveys as increases were largely limited to certain product categories.
until last week in stores and online. In the shops, prices were read on shelf labels.
One retail chain was selected from each of the three largest market participants in addition to Heimkaup, but all
What these chains have in common is that they have a good selection of groceries online. Price was
originally checked online, but if something was unclear or a product, the store price was checked

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