Veritabus forecasts 8.3% inflation in June


The consumer price index has risen by 8.3% over the past twelve months according to measurements and evaluation of Veritabus. The measurement uncertainty is 0.3% and is due to inaccuracies in the measurement of components. The increase is driven by increases in rents and calculated rents, food and fuel.

Indices of the index

Veritabus forecasts the following changes in the indices of the index between months and the last 12 months:

The correlation between the consumer price index and food has been high, partly due to a sharp rise in domestic agricultural products. Housing and fuel prices have risen much more than most other items, partly due to a shortage of plots and a rise in world oil prices. Despite the stronger exchange rate of the króna, various consumer goods, such as alcohol, clothes and shoes, furniture and household appliances, restaurants and more, have risen considerably in recent times.

About Veritabus

Veritabus is a sister company of Arev Securities Company. Veritabus uses its own price surveys and official data to assess inflation.

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