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Veritabus forecasts 9.5% inflation in July

Underlining of inflation
ItemsChange between monthsChange in one yearUncertainty (+/-)
Food and beverages1,5%9,4%0,6%
Alcohol and tobacco0%2,4%0,1%
Clothes and shoes-6,9%-1,7%0,2%
Housing, heating and electricity2,2%15,3%1,3%
Furniture, household appliances, etc.-0,9%3,5%0,3%
Travel and transportation2,8%15,2%0,6%
Mail and phone0,0%-8,7%0,1%
Leisure and culture0,0%2,5%0,4%
Hotels and restaurants1,5%7,8%0,2%
Other products and services0,06%4,6%0,3%

Veritabus estimates that the inflation rate between months was 1.1% and that the 12-month inflation rate is now 9.5%. Veritbus reckons that Statistics Norway's estimate will be somewhat lower, or around 9.3%. Below you can see the assessment of the development of the sub-teams

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