Food price survey in July 2022

Average increase in the price of individual stores

The change from the basket survey conducted by Veritabus in early June is as follows:

The table shows that the weighted increase in food prices during the period is around 1.5%.

Veritabus also examined basket changes at Tesco in the UK and Mercadona in Spain. The following changes were in prices since the beginning of June:

Commodity prices in Iceland therefore seem to have risen somewhat more. The reasons for the higher increases in this country are, among other things, sharp increases in meat. In the ISK, for example, raise chicken breast by 8%, ground beef by 10%. It should be noted, however, that both lamb thighs and whole chicken have decreased by 6%.

Indices of individual stores

The relative index of stores has changed as follows:

The picture below shows the relative position of the shops in the box office. The points show the distribution of more expensive and cheaper products (outside the 50% ratio):

About Veritabus and the price survey

Veritabus is a sister company of Arev Securities Company. All Veritabus price surveys as well as other public price surveys can be found on the Veritabus website for subscribers.

96 product items were examined in the Icelandic price survey that were available in all stores. The basket survey included a total of 72 products and 58 individual sales products. The survey was conducted last week online. If products were not available online, the price was checked in the stores where possible.

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