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Veritabus forecasts 9.8% inflation in August

Summary of the last Consumer Price Index. 12 months decreases from 9.9% to 9.8% acc. Veritabus estimates. Uncertainty is 0.3%. Veritabus believes that Statistics Norway will measure 10.0% inflation for the same period, and the difference is due to different timings of the measurements. Statistics Norway publishes its measurements on August 30. Sub-components of the index It is likely that the Statistics Finland's measurements will be as follows: Food, housing

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Veritabus forecasts 9.5% inflation in July

Inflation items Items Change between months Change in one year Uncertainty (+/-) Food and beverages 1.5% 9.4% 0.6% Alcohol and tobacco 0% 2.4% 0.1% Clothing and footwear -6.9% -1.7% 0 , 2% Housing, heating and electricity 2.2% 15.3% 1.3% Furniture, household appliances, etc. -0.9% 3.5% 0.3% Health 0.9% 3.6% 0.1% Travel and transportation 2.8% 15.2% 0.6% Mail and

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Food price survey in July 2022

Average price increase for individual stores The change from the basket survey conducted by Veritabus in early June is as follows: The table shows that the weighted increase in food prices during the period is around 1.5%. Veritabus also examined basket changes at Tesco in the UK and Mercadona in Spain. The following changes were in prices since the beginning of June: Commodity prices

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