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Price survey of over-the-counter medicines

  • Summary

In recent days, Veritabus has checked prices at the four pharmacies that have online stores. It seems that medicine prices have decreased by almost 3% since November last year (ASÍ price survey). The price gap between pharmacists has decreased considerably. Pharmacy still has the lowest price. There is a considerable difference in the home delivery fee for purchases that are less than ISK 9,900. Medicine generally has the lowest prices for home deliveries, but Garden pharmacy follows.

  • Changes in drug prices

On average, the price of over-the-counter drugs appears to have decreased since November 2021. Lyfja has led the price reductions. According to Veritabus, this reduction amounts to three percent on average.

This can be seen even better in the picture below:

As you can see, the price gap between the parties has decreased significantly (on the left side of the picture). Furthermore, it can be noticed that the number of extreme values has decreased significantly since last year (points above and below the boxes).

  • Cost of home delivery

The price of the products in the Veritabus survey is distributed as follows:

In the picture you can see that the 98% products in the Veritabus survey cost less than ISK 10,000.

Cost of home delivery in the capital area:

A product basket that is under ISK 8,900 and that can be sent home is on average cheaper if it is bought in Medicine where the shipping cost of other parties is a minimum of 10%. The picture changes if you buy for more than ISK 9,900, as the cost of such shipments is then free for all parties.

  • About Veritabus

Veritabus is a sister company of Arev Securities Company. All Veritabus price surveys as well as other public price surveys can be found on the Veritabus website for subscribers.

Veritabus surveyed the price changes of 64 over-the-counter medicines and other products in pharmacies from 28 to 31 August last. The survey was mainly conducted online, but additional information was obtained from pharmacies if needed.

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