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Veritabus forecasts 9.8% inflation in August

  • Summary

Last consumer price index 12 months decreases from 9.9% to 9.8% acc. Veritabus estimates. Uncertainty is 0.3%. Veritabus believes that Statistics Norway will measure 10.0% inflation for the same period, and the difference is due to different timings of the measurements. Statistics Norway publishes its measurements on August 30.

  • Indices of the index

Statistics Norway's measurements are likely to be as follows:

Food, housing and fuel have risen more than most other items recently. 12 months. In August, the price of fuel dropped considerably and is probably going down. There are many indications that the housing market will calm down. Food products also seem to have risen less than in the previous month. Here you can see the results of measurements made by Veritabus between July and August:

Here you can see the changes between product categories:

The figure shows the development of important items in the index over the past 12 months:

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